Pruning and trimming

Pruning and trimming

Pruning and trimming Pruning Trimming Formation pruning Maintenance pruning Occasional pruning Trimming of trees

Formation pruning

The formation pruning is recommended in the first years after planting and has two aims:
- To provide the tree with strong and well distributed main branches.
- To adjust the height of the tree crown.

Without the formation pruning the tree would grow 'wild' in shape, not ornamental, and this is not advisable in most cases.
According to the species more or less formation pruning will be necessary: a fir tree, for example, barely needs this kind of pruning.

Maintenance pruning

Once the tree is well-shaped with a crown at a certain height and well-placed main and secondary branches, the maintenance pruning will be continually required.
The maintenance pruning consists in removing dead branches, stumps, suckers, broken branches, branches that obstruct people from walking or that touch cables or buildings, as well as clearing the crown density, etc.

Occasional pruning

Specialists advise against this kind of pruning, anyway it is very usual in public and private gardens. It should be done only as a last resort. The purpose is to reduce the crown volume at a stroke by using a chain saw.

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